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Sep 2015

Life after hockey with Kypreos, Hirsch and Armstrong

About Us

The BreakAway Program, formerly known as the Life After Hockey Program, is a program funded by the National Hockey League and the NHL Players' Association facilitated by the NHL Alumni Association to support and develop customized, relevant programs and services that address the unique post-game and off-season challenges that elite athletes face.

The NHL Alumni is now developing the BreakAway Program, formerly known as the Life After Hockey Program in-house. Pat Flatley and Wendy McCreary are facilitating a new face for the program in conjunction with Ryerson University and Ted Rogers School of Management to compile career development and transition services for the NHL Alumni Association, the NHL and the NHLPA. We continue to be dedicated to the development of customized services designed to meet the career transition, business training and educational needs of all former and active NHL athletes.

Our History

Over 100 members have participated in the BreakAway Program, formerly known as the Life After Hockey Program for former and active players.

These services have been developed over a period of five years with direct contributions from members of the NHL Alumni, the NHL, the NHL Players' Association and the player/ clients who have participated in the program.

Why Participate?

A typical BreakAway Client has been out of the NHL for 9 years and out of the professional game for 6 years. Our clients are most likely employed in a medium to small business or a professional services environment. Furthermore, overall our clients are happy with their lives and have likely enjoyed a successful hockey career, on average playing 433 NHL games.

The rationale to participate in the program varies from client to client. Our clients range from NHLA members who have played 1 game in the NHL to clients who played more that 1600 games. The reasons for joining the program are as varied as our clients.

Ultimately, this program has been created by the NHL Alumni to provide its members with a competitive edge breaking into business or broadcasting, advancing up the corporate ladder or transitioning into life after professional hockey.

The resources offered to you through BreakAway are designed to help you achieve the outcomes that are important and relevant to you and your development. Our programs have been created with the assistance of active and former NHL athletes and are continually being refined to make the experiences and outcomes better for our clientele.

If you are envisioning a different future for yourself, see how the BreakAway program can assist you in reaching your goals. For more program information please contact Wendy McCreary.

Our Team


Pat Flatley

Breakaway Director

Wendy McCreary

Breakaway Director

Marla Spergel

M.A. - Education Liason

Dr. Brian Shaw

Ph.D., C.Psych

Dr. David Lewis

Dr. Shaw Counselling Team

Dan Cronin

Dr. Shaw Counselling Team

Andrew Galloway

Dr. Shaw Counselling Team