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Sep 2015

Life after hockey with Kypreos, Hirsch and Armstrong


One-to-One Business & Life Coaching:

You're at the top of your business career, or want to get there, or you just need/want a job. Accessing a coach will help you move to an even higher level of effectiveness. How do you know if you need a coach and what can a coach do for you?

They will assist you by:

  • Identifying the roles and accomplishments that have given you the most satisfaction, and determining which of these many skills that made you an elite athlete are transferable to your new opportunities

  • Discovering your greatest strengths-those that may not show up in your job title or more obvious accomplishments

  • Building on your strengths for career and/or entrepreneurial moves you may be interested in, while reducing the risk of moving toward new opportunities

  • Conducting an inventory of your key interests and characteristics, thereby marketing yourself better in whatever work you choose

  • Determining how closely aligned your current work is with your deepest values, interests and competencies

  • Understanding better the work roles and environments that you should avoid to reduce the threat of burnout and/or work dissatisfaction

  • Taking stock of your most important values and the degree to which they are being honoured in your current work-life situation

  • Better determining what you need to do to reach your career goals at this time in your life

Below is a list of NHL Alumni already offering these services. For more information about the services they offer and how they may be able to help you achieve your goals please contact them directly:

Octane High Performance Mentoring

Contact: Ron Stern - Founder & CEO
P. 403-390-4666
E. ron@octanementoring.com

Heads-Up Communications Corp.

Contact: Ryan Walter
P. 866-728-3603

Nexient Learning

Contact: Larry Skinner
P. 613-288-0451