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Sep 2015

Life after hockey with Kypreos, Hirsch and Armstrong




Medical / Dental Information or Immigration Questions:

Contact – Gerry Meehan
Cardinal Consultants Ltd
P 416-414-6480

NHLPA Player Insurance & Pensions:

Contact – Kim Murdoch
P 416-313-2334 | F 416-313-2301

NHLPA Associate Membership:

Contact – Michelle Allen
Manager, Human Resources and Administration
P 416-313-2352

All players who were active playing members of the NHL are eligible to become Associate Members of the NHLPA.

Dues: $180 US per year (July 1 – June 30)

As an Associate Member, you are eligible to apply for $100,000 (US) term life insurance, doubled in the event of accidental death. This group policy is underwritten by MetLife and renews each year on July 1st.

Coverage in the amount of $100,000 (US) may be renewed annually until age 65. You will have the option to continue limited coverage between ages 65 and 70 if you are an associate member at the time of your 65th birthday under the following terms:

  • Coverage will reduce by 50% on the July 1st coincident with or next following the member’s 65th birthday (total coverage = $50,000 US). Annual dues will also be reduced to $90 to reflect the reduced amount of coverage.

  • All coverage will terminate on the July 1st coincident with or next following attainment of age 70.

Prior to your renewal on the July 1st following your 65th and 70th birthdays, associate members also have the option of converting their group life insurance to an individual policy without any medical requirements. The cost of conversion will depend on the type of policy purchased and age at the time of purchase.