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Sep 2015

Life after hockey with Kypreos, Hirsch and Armstrong




NHL Pension Society / Supplemental Gifting:

Contact: Debbie Bertrand
P 514-841-9220

Supplemental Gifting/Gratuitous Payment:

For those turning 65 with a vested pension, depending on when your birthday falls, you will receive a notification from the NHL Pension Society either February or August. Rule of thumb is:

(1) February payments - players who turn 65 between July 1 – December 31
(2) August payments - players who turn 65 between January 1 - June 30.

You must be vested as a player (3 full NHL years) qualifies a player for the gratuitous payment. The years of service is calculated based on the number of games you were credited with for pension purposes.

There are two payments made per calendar year, the calculation is based on

$690 USD per season played, paid twice per year. This will run in conjunction with the current CBA per contributions of the NHL ($3Mil) and NHLPA ($3Mil). This is a supplemental gifting in addition to your regular pension.

Please ensure the NHL Pension Society and the NHL Alumni have your most current address on file.