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Sep 2015

Life after hockey with Kypreos, Hirsch and Armstrong


Career Opportunities:

Jed and Maggie Ortmeyer have been friends since they were 16. Jed went on to play hockey at the University of Michigan while Maggie attended the University of Texas in pursuit of a career in Corporate America. Several NHL cities and years of marketing experience later, the high school buds teamed up as husband and wife in 2009. Jed continued to play professional hockey, and Maggie soon launched her own sports marketing company, Sporti ed, in 2010.

Like many professional athletes, Jed didn't know what his livelihood, purpose or passion would entail after hockey and found himself at a challenging crossroads when he retired in 2014. He discovered that the resources for athletes in search of their next fulfilling career were limited, and this discovery became the inspiration for Sportified Recruit.

Given Maggie's extensive work with brands, agents and athletes across all sports, combined with Jed's NHL veteran status and the network and reputation he established during his 11-year hockey career, the Ortmeyers knew they had the reach, ability, and passion to create a successful business...together.


Sportified Recruit is a headhunting firm that specializes in placing former professional athletes in their next rewarding career. We work with forward-thinking companies that respect and appreciate the qualities professional athletes bring to the workplace, and we match the interests and abilities of our candidates to desirable positions within these organizations.

Sportified Recruit is committed to helping former athletes discover their next dream job, and our candidates incur no cost or obligation for our services.

Whether you’re still playing, still searching, or currently employed, it’s never too early – or too late – to explore new and exciting career opportunities beyond the locker room.

During your playing career, you have an agent. For your next career, you have Sportified Recruit. If you are an athlete in search of your next victory, contact us and let Sportified Recruit secure your next contract.


Sportified Recruit provides companies with a unique opportunity to strengthen their workforce through sports. All of our job candidates are former professional athletes who are eager to reach the pinnacle of their next career by applying the same drive, determination, and discipline that brought them to the professional sports stage.

Athletes inherently strive for victory, are relentlessly tenacious, and know how to be part of an e ective team. They create their own path for success and adjust their life accordingly. Athletes know how to win graciously and lose with resilience, and these attributes are inherent both on and off the court, field, or ice.

Sportified Recruit recognizes that many characteristics of a professional athlete make for a valuable employee, and we serve as a recruiting service for companies interested in making these extraordinary individuals part of their team.

Get in the game. Strengthen your workforce with Sportified Recruit.


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