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Sep 2015

Life after hockey with Kypreos, Hirsch and Armstrong


Teammates Helping Teammates:

Transition Calls

This is a new initiative of the NHLA BreakAway Program to host calls/webinars monthly to offer a platform for players that have transitioned to help players that are transitioning, both out of the game and later levels of their post-career.

It is also a way for guys that are struggling emotionally to open up and talk about it. A means to build a support system amongst our members that helps to reach more players by offering support, experience, guidance and networking to help one another.

Committees have been formed in the following areas to assist in creating ways of helping one another with measurable outcomes:

1. Preparation for Transition

What can be done to prepare for retirement; and/or what can you do when you retire with respect to work and family?

Chair: Phil Myre

2. Retirement Emotional Process

What can you do that will help your emotional impact upon retirement, with respect to yourself, your spouse and your family?

Chair: Ron Andruff

3. Retirement Physical Process

What can you do to help yourself physically, which will help your emotional state when you retire?

Chair: Jim McTaggart

4. Financial Lifestyle Management

What is required of you financially to maintain a sustainable lifestyle when you retire?

Chair: Jesse Boulerice

5. Family Transition in Retirement

What can you do as a family in retirement to remain a strong family unit?

Chair: Nicole Myre